Project identifier: VEKOP-8.5.3-17-2018-00128

Beneficiary name: INTERFACE Számítástechnikai Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Project title: Human resources and competence development for INTERFACE Számítástechnikai Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaságnál

Amount of support: 8 016 439

Support percentage: 100 %


Planned end date: 2021.11.22.


Description of the project:

Within the framework of the project, we will implement the training of 18 people, from which 8 are disadvantaged.

Selection of the appropriate training areas where done by considering: the future plans of the company, the changing market conditions and the desired goals of the colleagues. During the trainings the following skills where developed:

  • IT skills/computer skills: Advanced Java Programming
  • effective/efficient communication between colleagues and improving customer communication
  • better estimation of the time required for tasks (cooperation and time management)
  • team building to promote integration and cooperation

For the company to grow and keep a professional role, it is very important what skills and competencies their employees have, it also helps them work effectively in the workplace. Training is particularly important for people who are disadvantaged in terms of the labour market, as it is more difficult for them to advance in career opportunities than for other people.