Interest Subsidy Modul (ISSM), Széchenyi Card (SZC)

The State Interest Subsidy Calculation and Recording Module, which is used to calculate the interest rate subsidy, calculates the amount of the state interest subsidy related to the Széchenyi Card loans on a daily basis and sets the amount of interest rate subsidies that can be drawn during the period in accordance with the specifications given by the Bank. That is, the activities of the ISSM are supplemented by the interest rate subsidy calculation procedures related to the Széchenyi Card overdraft.
It prepares daily SAP dispatches related to interest rate subsidization at the ISSM stage, according to the Bank's technical requirements.

In addition to the calculation, Modul, in its continuously growing database of SZC loans, records the amount of state interest subsidies related to transactions from the date of first use of the loan to the closing date of the processing cycle or until the expiry of the credit limit or the date of termination.

At the end of each process, it draws up itemized and summarized lists of available government interest subsidies on demand, from the first processing up to the last processing, according to the processing cycles.

Quarterly prepares the due state interest subsidy application file for the KA-VOSZ Zrt.according to the specification.

It prepares and transmits to GL modul the periodical ledger dispatches related to state interest subsidy connected with the overdraft facility of the Széchenyi Card in the file format corresponding to the technical requirements of the Bank.

It prepares the monthly delimitation of interest subsidies and the quarterly due analytical statements.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Database Manager: Oracle 12c
Development Tool: Delphi

Bank reference

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.