Statement System

The Statement System (hereinafter referred to as "SS") is a complete solution that allows you to minimize all your manual work on the extraction and meet all your requirements what you expect.

The "SS" is a modular structure, where tagging represents functional separation according to defined user groups (eg central SDA, central USER, branch SDA, branch USER, branch KC, CCC user, CBO user, etc.) on he other hand it means the IT implementation of this system, which ensures the separate management of the modules.

The modules are stand-alone, their operation is independent of the presence and use of other modules. Featured Module –is the central module without which the System can not work. The central module includes both computer and banking functions,on which can be based the activities of other modules or originated in.

It is easy to attain (user-friendly) with its uniform surface, and thanks to the technology used -it provides continuous operation (7/24), flexible parameterization and easy administration. Its toolkit runs in easy-to-understand way through processes and gives for users quick,easy-to-navigate dialogs.

The Statement System is suitable to creating, archiving, inquiring and replacing the current account statement, term deposit statement, credit card statement and cost accounts corresponding to the related services (collectively: statements) for customers, and which has the following functions.

In Central:

  • Central and Callcenter Modules.
  • Preparing and forwarding XML files for the printer company to produce and send large amounts of statements.
  • Create and forward statements from emails.
  • Generate statements to be compiled for CDs by clients.
  • Storing the number of copies of the statements, making statements, making statistics, and sending replacement fees to the central system.

In Accounts:

  • Export account data for each account by account and import and print per account.
  • Search, query, and replace the actual excerpts, as well as how to administer the number of previous extracts.


Hardware: UNIX-based server (database server)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Database Manager: Relational Database Technology, SQL
Development Tool: Delphi


Bank reference

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.